The Bocca della Verita'


The Bocca della Verita' is a standing machine made of glass fiber, that can be installed outdoors, better under some sort of protection.

It speaks with a deep voice, to attract customers. Once the coin has been inserted, customer inserts hand into the mouth and waits for its printout that comes printed and cut automatically, within 30 seconds.


The machine represents the Bocca della Veritá face. The original Bocca della Verita' is in Rome and there is an ancient legend about it, that it will cut the hand of the one who is not sincere. It is visited daily by hundreds of people and appears in the movie "Roman Holidays", with Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck.

The Bocca della verita machine is available in many languages and can be set to operate with any coin or banknote upon request.

We have also the voice available in different languages (or can be done) but we recommend to keep the original Bocca Voice in Italian, as it is an attraction.

Tickets are on thermal paper, 110 mm wide, printed in high quality characters. 1 paper roll is enough for about 500 customers.

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